Setup Sheet FAQs

1. Fork Offset is the offset of the forks in relation to the steering head. This is only needed if different from STD.
2. Fork position is the position of the fork in the triple clamp. Measure the distance from the triple clamp to the top of the fork outer tube. (don't include the fork top cap)
3. Fork spring rate is the rate of the fork springs.
4. Fork spring preload is how many turns of preload are applied from fully backed off. (fully backed off being counterclockwise)
5. Oil level is the actual measured fork oil level in the forks with the forks fully compressed with the spring and spring seat out.
6. Top out spring is the length and rate of the top out spring in the forks. If you don't know this information you can provide the model of the fork internal that is fitted into your fork so we can work it out. EG, Ohlins FKR124 is a spring pressurized fork cartridge kit.
7. Shock length is the length of the shock from the centre of each mounting bolt when it is fully extended.
8. Swingarm length is the measurement from the centre of the swingarm pivot to the centre of the rear axle.
9. Shock top mounting position. Eg; if you have an R6 and you have added a 5mm spacer between the shock mount and the frame to increase the ride height.
10. Shock spring rate is the rate of the spring on the shock absorber which is generally printed on the spring. EG of an Ohlins spring is 21040-31-95, this is a 95N spring.
11. Spring preload is the amount of preload that is applied to the shock spring. To correctly measure this, you need to remove the spring from the shock and measure its free length, mark the spring with a marker at the points that you measured the spring length so as to create a reference point for future measurements. Then refit the spring to the shock and to correctly measure the preload the shock needs to be in the fully topped out position. Most people won't have a tool to stretch the shock so you can refit the shock to the bike and with the bike hanging and the rear wheel off the ground measure the spring length again across the reference points you marked on the spring. The difference between the spring free length and what you measure when on the shock is the "preload".
12. Shock top out spring is the rate and length of the top out spring that is fitted in the shock. If you don't know this information you can provide us with the model number of the shock and we can work it out. Eg of an Ohlins shock model number is DU-468
13. Swingarm pivot position is only needed if it has been changed from the STD position.
14. Linkage type is only needed if it has been changed or modified from STD.
15. Linkage or pull rod length is the connecting rod that connects the rear suspension link to either the frame or swingarm in the case of a Ducati. This is only needed if it has been modified or changed from STD.
16. Front and rear tyre brand and size is required.
17. Gearing ratio is the number of teeth on the front and rear sprockets.